So, rack 'em. My cold case murder starts Monday. I can't sleep nights. I sweat. It is not fear. It is anticipation. I am a trial lawyer. This is what I do. All the frustration of this job is falling away. Every client who blames me. Every junkie who swears they want to get clean who I see back in a week. All the work. All the frustration. All the doubt. It is all falling away. This is all that matters. For Monday I go to battle for a man's life. I can barely contain my excitement. I am like a caged lion. Three more sleeps. Rack 'em. Damn!


Gloria said…
There is absolutely nothing in legal practice that can compare to a jury trial.

Best wishes.
max said…
Who was it that said "just give me 12 in a box?"
Well actually voir dire is probably the most important part of a trial. I can't imagine practicing in a place where you can't do it. I remember in Canada, there is basically none. It is just the first twelve who sit down.
California isn't much better, as you might remember. Some judges let you have some latitude, but many think they've adequately covered a subject by just touching on it, as in this example,

Judge: "you know that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, can you abide by that? Good." Covered. Move along.

Or the fact that (in Fairbanks anyway) you get to talk to the ALL of the potential jurors rather than just the 12 or 16 in the box. That way, you can get better audience participation AND you can figure out whether or not Sara Palin is about to get moved into the box by bumping someone far less offensive.
Anonymous said…
“How to Get on a Jury (or Not)”
Good luck, Ben. Kick ass and take names.
It's time. I'm ready. See you all on the flip side.....

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