So, the police are the same everywhere.

Here is the story from the CBC. Emphasis is mine. The Vancouver Police Department has issued an apology after a man said he was beaten by officers who knocked on the wrong door while investigating a report of a violent domestic dispute. Plainclothes officers arrived at the right house at 2 a.m. PT Wednesday near Knight and 49th Street in East Vancouver, but they were at the wrong suite, police admitted in a news release Thursday.
Speaking through a translator, Yao Wei Wu told CBC News that as soon as he opened the door the officers pulled him out of the house and beat him. He was hit multiple times on the back, head and face, said Yao, 44. He said he did not resist because the men had guns. It was only after they handcuffed him and asked his name that they appeared to realize they had the wrong man, Yao said. The officers then called for an ambulance and a Chinese-speaking police officer. Yao was taken to hospital where he said doctors found fractured bones around his eye and multiple bruises on his back. "A full and thorough internal investigation has been launched into the case of an eastside resident who was injured and arrested in a case of mistaken identity," Const. Jana McGuinness said in a news release. The officers didn't realize there were two separate residences in the house, McGuinness said. "The man resisted by striking out at the police and trying to slam the door, but the officers persisted in the belief that there may be a woman and child inside who could be in danger." The man the police were looking for who lived in the other suite in the house was later found and arrested on suspicion of assault, McGuinness said.

Have I said lately how much I hate the police? Maybe I am just in full trial mode. I have clients in jail for much, much, much less. An apology? I will try that next time. Me: A full and thorough internal investigation has been launched. My client is very, very, very sorry for beating his wife and fracturing her face. Judge: Case dismissed. Jesus...........


And the badge bunnies on your site will say how, well, shucks people make mistakes, don't they? After all, it's SUCH A STRESSFUL JOB. Bullshit.
Anonymous said…
Badge Bunnies? Who you calling a "Holster Sniffer"?
The part I like best is how they claimed he fought back. Ummm...guys show up at your door with guns and start beating the crap out of you. But since he 'resisted' he deserved it right?
rosie said…
At least one thing about Alaska police is that it isn't standard practice to beat the crap out of everyone they arrest. Sure, people get injured by police, but not every single person. In other states (and apparently Canada), it's everyone. And harder and longer for the ones with darker skin.
Anonymous said…
I disagree. You apparently haven't dealt with Trooper/native dynamics.
Or certain cops. I can see how this happens. I really can. But what bothers me the most is the an 'apology' settles it? WTF? How does that work? The police beat some guy who answers his door and has the balls to fight back when beaten for NO reason (including cracking his face open) and all that happens is "we're sorry"!! It is just total bullshit. If ANYONE else went to someone's house and did this they would be in jail.
Anonymous said…
Chicken Shit RCMP


The City of Surrey and RCMP lined a Whalley social service building with chicken dung to keep homeless and vagrants away, The Leader has learned.

On Aug. 14, witnesses saw City of Surrey staff pull up to the Front Room Drop In Centre in the 10600-block of 135A Street and line the building with putrid poultry manure. The desired effect was to create a smell so repugnant that it would repel vagrants who were hanging out around the building.

Keith Smith was touring the drop in centre and surrounding services on Thursday as part of his schooling in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

He was astounded to see and smell the chicken dung around the building. And he was shocked to hear from front line staff that it was city crews and RCMP that put it there to deter the homeless from settling.

"The stench of the chicken manure in the surrounding area is unbearable," Smith said in a letter to Mayor Dianne Watts.

"If the South Fraser Community Services ( which runs the Front Room ) were located strategically as a front line service to aid recovery of people in the active disease of addiction, why would the City of Surrey spread chicken manure along the perimeter of the vacant, rock covered lot, which separates the two South Fraser Community Service buildings?" Smith asked. "Our neighbors in Vancouver seem to have a little better approach to the problem of dealing with the disease of substance abuse."

One local on 135 Street said on Saturday that there were at least two visits by city trucks dumping the manure in the area. There is also evidence of the same substance on the base of large trees in the park west of the Surrey Food Bank on 135 Street.

Coun. Barinder Rasode said the manure plan was hatched by the Mounties.

"Our understanding is the RCMP initiated it," said Rasode, who was "deeply troubled" by the strategy.

An e-mail to the mayor from Deputy City Manager Dan Bottrill says that "Surrey RCMP initiated this in order to dissuade individuals from loitering against the buildings bordering the lot."
HoboStripper said…
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HoboStripper said…
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