So, I haven't written in a while about how America is slowly going downhill. I have felt a lot better since I got to shake my fist at Bush's helicopter last January. But this latest absurdity over airport security is just nuts. Has everyone in this country just lost his balls? No matter what the government tells us they need to do to keep us 'safe', we do. No books in our laps. No blanket. Stand in line for 8 hours. Be humiliated and degraded. And yet the most basic forms of intelligence are ignored. The last time I flew I had to discard a brand new tube of toothpaste. But you can fly one way, paying in cash, to Detroit with no luggage. Argh! I just read an article at . Makes a lot of sense. Americans just need to step up. Demand better. If necessary, start making examples of people. This latest guy, for example. Give him a trial in civilian courts. Spare no expense in his defense. None. And if he is found guilty strap him to a pole in Times Square and have a firing squad take care of him. On camera. Announce to the world that Americans will not cower in fear. Americans won't change their life for every failed terrorist plot. Announce a new policy: every convicted terrorist will be executed. His wife and children too. Their friends. Everyone he has ever known will be put against a wall and shot. There will be no more negotiation. No more changes to the American way of life. Radical? Yes. But so was taking my goddamned toothpast away in Kotzebue.


Gloria said…
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Gloria said…
Boy do I hear you on this one! What ever happened to Live Free or Die? What ever happened to standing up for freedom, rather than cowering in fear and demanding security at any cost to freedom?

I would rather they arm every single passenger on a flight and tell them to dispatch anyone who tries to light the fuse on his shoe than to degenerate into a police state where they use high tech instruments to view me naked in a virtual strip search (that's coming).

But perhaps worst of all was when they banned knitting needles. :)
Anonymous said…
Yup, Ben done got the cabin fever. Get well little guy, this will pass.
Actually most people I talk to agree with me. Constantly giving in is not what most people I speak to want to do. Show some balls.
Anonymous said…
"Announce a new policy: every convicted terrorist will be executed. His wife and children too. Their friends. Everyone he has ever known will be put against a wall and shot."

Works every time, oh, by the way your brother, cousin, facebook friend just became a terrorist, bye, bye, Ben.

We do let aliens join our armed services, you could be a real Rambo and get the job done, up close and personal.
Justin T. said…
The solution to these problems is almost never more government, yet that's what happens pretty much 100% of the time, yet we're no safer now than we were 10 years ago.
Anonymous said…
methinks your typical comments about a police state are at odds with this posting. consistency.
How would it lead to a police state? Making a public example of a convicted terrorist isn't a police state. If anything the current trends of cowering and more rules, more rules, more rules is what will lead to a police state. So what is the answer? I guess you don't mind 8 hour waits and a full body scan? I do.
And Anon #2. If I KNEW my brother was going to commit a terrorist act and I didn't stop him or report him, it would mean MY death....well guess what I would do. The problem is the US always responds in the same way: impose more government on the People and do nothing about the root of the problem.If you don't like my 'solution', why don't you propose one?
A duty to report? I think not. A well armed society should be enough. If it is not, we should be willing to accept some consequences rather than subject one's self to a cavity search every time you board a plane. And the thing with killing the entire family/friends sounds like drunken kooky talk to me.
Anonymous said…
"If you don't like my 'solution', why don't you propose one?"

I think i did, you get over to the sand box and clean out the problems. Being a Canook, you could really Rambo em', or would we call it Zamboni em'?
Well G, it was not a drunken suggestion. I realize it would not work any more than arming every person in America. The point I was trying to make is that everytime there is a FAILED plot, the government simply imposes more rules and restrictions on Americans. Why not try something different? Isreal doesn't have this problem because everyone knows that they don't take crap. And Americans will.

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