So, Merry Christmas. As usual the girls were spoiled by their family. Thank you to everyone who sent presents. The girls got more than they need but it is still nice to see once a year. It is my hope that everyone, everywhere, is able to put aside all the troubles of their life for this one day. Be happy. Eat well. If you can, enjoy those around you. Let life resume tomorrow. For me, this is last bit of down time for a few months. My murder trial starts soon and the amount of 'overtime' I am about to put in will be staggering. I am looking forward to the work and I am looking forward to getting the family out of here for a few days afterwards. Have a good day everyone. P.S. AJ fell over and get a hell of a shiner. She looks like a 'bruiser' as her English family would say. Or a 'part time scrapper'....whatever the hell that is.


Merry Christmas, Adams Family! Saw The Road yesterday...fairly good depiction of the book. Especially their version of raising meat. I would wait for Netflix.
Anonymous said…
That might be the cutest picture you've ever posted of Kaydee.
J took the pic. She has always been beautiful but it is becoming clear that she is going to be stunning as a woman.
The outfit looks like something out of Moulin Rouge, quite frankly.

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