So, it has gotten cold. It went from t-shirt weather a few days ago to -14 this morning when I went to work. It is about -10 outside right now. Even the animals feel it. We found this little owl right outside our back door perched on bottle of the finest whiskey. In other news, the administrative law judge denied Kadee's formal PFD appeal today. The division argued two things: first, that there was no guarantee that her sponsor (a local attorney) could be trusted with the money. I pointed out Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15 and the ALJ agreed. That ridiculous point is gone. However, the division also argued that our 'temporary intent' to stay in the United States could be imputed onto Kadee. The ALJ agreed. I am disappointed but not surprised. Zobel had to go all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States for justice. I may have to do the same. I am going to ask the ALJ to correct a few factual errors and then appeal to the Superior Court. Rack 'em. I just had one of those days today. The kind of day when I just felt like I couldn't do this job anymore. The kind of day when I am so sick of my clients I want to just quit. I mean stop breaking the fu*&king law. Stop stealing other people's shit. Stop drinking. Stop smoking oxycontin and leaving the tin foil behind. Stop beating each other up and having sex with children. Pull yourself together. Pay your bills. Keep your word. If someone had offered me a job as a DA today I would have taken it. Even as I was making bail arguments and getting clients out of jail, I hated myself. One of those days. Why do I have chest pains over people who don't care about themselves? The rental clean-up (the damage was caused by Danny and Melissa Gentry of Soldotna Alaska) is coming along. No thanks to Danny or Melissa Gentry of Soldotna Alaska.


Anonymous said…
Ben, I've been there recently, like for a whole week, and the same with my colleagues in my division.

The worst, is when you get a sweet deal on a bunch of cases, all wrapped up nicely, and the defendant takes it...only to go out an committ another crime.

Without the clients we wouldn't have jobs. I used to do divorces, and trust me, i'd rather deal with repeat offenders than those idiots. the level of idiocy in family law cases is unparalleled. And as my former boss told me "the good news is that they are idiots-the bad news is that they are idiots!"

I'm at the point where my job is a job. Is it my great passion in life? No. What i do is make sure the State and the police do their jobs properly. My job isn't really about the clients afterall.

Anonymous said…
A New Kind of Justice: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Drug Courts

This idea has been working for over two decades. There is a reason you are upset with your clients that are the frequent flyers with the court system. Please look close to home for answers on WHY Kenai has no program. Don't get pissed, get this fixed. The true crime is not dealing with the obvious. There is some blame to go around for Kenai being the last area in the state to get onboard with the last hope for the addicted.
Anonymous said…
After almost 20 years of criminal defense work I could not take another lying sack of sheet defendant, I switched sides. I guess I am OK with the change, hey I had four Texas Rangers (despite their motto "one riot, one ranger") with me today as we executed a capital murder search warrant--that's something new at least. But all in all, its just a job like Angie said. On this side you get the negative of local politics too :(
One strange thing: sometimes I am standing around all these law enforcement types, and all of the sudden I feel really weird. Like a mole, spy or traitor or something. I mean I have seen things in the past that a prosecutor would never be privy to. Did I say prosecutor? I still can't believe it.
josh said…
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