So, in a twist of irony, I called the police today. Made a report. Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. I had no choice. The deal with the renters has gotten out of control. I won't go into details, but it really sucks. Last night I went over the house and discovered even more damage. The room that they had been growing pot in suffered water damage to the sub-floor. The entire sub floor had to be ripped out. I discovered mold growing underneath. The whole thing is turning out to be a big, and expensive, job. Then I discovered that neither the bathtub nor kitchen sink are working. I'm not sure what they did there yet....but it is bad. I think what really got me was this. I am doing a murder trial in February. A trial where I genuinely believe my client is innocent. The stress will be enormous. Immediately thereafter I want to take the 4 of us to Miami to see Josh. I would have been in a financial position to do it, but for these little shitrats. I looked at Melissa Gentry's myspace page and saw that they got to go to Florida last month. The month they did not pay rent. Or fill the oil tank. Or clean. Or do anything that decent human beings would do. The month they smashed windows and doors. Left six truck loads of trash behind. Destroyed walls, floors and pipes. So I had enough. I didn't like calling the cops. But I had to. The wreckage of the place is a civil matter. But actually stealing from me. Going into my house after all that and taking my stuff. And then admitting it and telling me "good luck getting anything back...I am being sued anyways and intend to file Chapter 11". Well. It is on like donkey kong. I intend to have Danny Gentry charged with felonies. Rack 'em. So I found an exception to the 'missing child' rule of never calling the cops: getting f'ed in the A by people you repeatedly went out of your way to help.


Anonymous said…
I came across your blog while looking for a good example of blogging for a niece who is heading to India to work for an NGO & wants to keep us up-to-date. It's a great blog. Your rental situation struck a chord - I've been a duplex landlord in Anchorage since 1984 and have had really only one horrific experience almost comparable to yours. But I was lucky that the renters abandoned the place for the requisite 7 days so I was able to repossess it and change the locks before the lowlife friends they had arranged to move in could do so. Finally, I was curious to look up your guy and saw that "Danny" has quite a record posted on Courtview that brands him as a Class A F/up -- the majority of the 38 entries from the online Courtview search for "gentry, d" were your guy. As for renter selection, if they have a messy court record &/or a beater car, I don't rent to them. Beater car usually = beater home. Good luck.
You know what, I learned that lesson afterwards. I screwed up. They presented themselves well and I went with my gut. My gut was wrong. No doubt about it. I learned pretty quickly after I had rented to them that I had made a mistake. This whole thing is my fault. I know it. It is not a mistake I will make again.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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