So, I know what we are eating for Thanksgiving dinner. Do you? Or more importantly do you know how your meal lived? Died? What it ate? Thank you turkey. Even though, in your death throes, you did shatter the glass door to the chicken house. I respect you even more. Never go quietly into the night. 28 lbs dressed. You were right G....this is a big bird. I spent the rest of the day, unsucessfully, fixing the plumbing at the rental house. Good Lord. You know, despite it all (i.e the 'crack den' rental, the usual worries....) somehow I just feel 'better' this winter. In less than 30 days the days will begin getting longer. For some reason, I just feel 'ok'. What the hell?


Dan said…
Damn straight it's a "crack den" rental. Remember to attribute that to me in your landlord-tenant brief.
You got it. Even a DA called it a crack den judge. Well shit...if a DA called it that Lets just treble your damages.

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