So, happy Thanksgiving. To celebrate we took the turkey over to Jesse's house. It was nice. He had a friend in from Portland. His mom and her friend came over. Other friends came by. It was a house full of kids and dogs and chaos. We had all the traditional food and spent the afternoon drinking, watching football and playing Modern Warfare 2 on the X-Box. The food was excellent. The turkey, in particular, was a hit. One guest said it was the best turkey he had ever had. After all that food, even AJ looks hammered. It is 8:30 pm. and this guy is going to bed. Alaska must be the only place in the United States where government workers have to work on the friday after Thanksgiving. Sucks ass. Hope everyone everywhere has a full belly and is thankful for what they have tonight.


J said…
It was a little exhausting chasing the kids around all day, they have endless amount of energy!
But it was a great day, with good food and company.
The kids had fun, running around, playing hide n seek and eating lots of amazing food.
Not to mention the pecan pie, which K could not get enough of.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Ben and J, it was great to see you. I am grateful that you are my friends. I love the picture of Kadee with the football. She can wear the jersey I gave her while playing football.
Janette said…
Great photos- but GS workers on military posts have to work Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving!
Wars stop for no one.

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