So, I just had a moment I had to memorialize. Not for anyone in the world but me. I am cooking a leek and potato soup. Starting with my own bacon. My own leeks. My own potatoes, parsley and chicken stock. My girls were with me. J was cleaning in another room. "I melt with you" by Modern English came on. Yes, in my house, it is all 80's all the time. I was dancing with AJ. She was laughing hysterically as I threw her in the air. Kadee found a potato that looked like a baby. She found that funny, and so did I. For just a moment I realized that I was happy. My children were laughing. The fire was going. A good song was on. Great food was simmering. I disagree that is impossible to be happy. For I just was. Those who know me, and perhaps those who don't, know that I have been down lately. I can't swear it is over. But I can swear that, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I can see something on the horizon. Like a man who feels lost who suddenly looks up and remembers that he is exactly where he wanted to be. Damn. This feels good. I am going back to my little girls (and my soup) now.


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