So, I just got back from my fourth annual Public Defender's conference in Girdwood. It was a good conference, but not the same without G. This year it was only two days, instead of 3 so it just flew by. It was also harder to get drunk with one less night. I took 15 gallons of homebrew beer and we drank maybe 3. It is funny for me to be recognized now. Quite a few people "knew" me by this blog. Most people seem to appreciate it but it was strange to have strangers ask how the girls were or know about my life. The weather was stunning, as you can see by the photos. I had a few moments where I felt like my 'old self'. It is good to be home.


Anonymous said…
Wish I could've been there, buddy! That 3 gallons would have been 15 plus some 'shine.

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