So, I have a small problem. If you google "Alaska Public Defender Agency", this blog is now the first hit. So it is time to make clear, if it wasn't already, that this blog is personal. I am not trying to suggest what life would be like for every public defender in Alaska. Use your common sense folks. This blog is about my life. My views. I do know that many people who are interested in working for the Agency read it. To be honest if that is the case, please feel free to call me or write me. I am absolutely fascinated by how people find this blog and it seems that many people want to know if the Agency is hiring or how much it pays or what it is like to work for the Alaska Public Defender Agency. Well, I believe pretty strongly that you dance with the one that brought ya. True, I have had some issues in the past. But this Agency is a darn good place to work in many, many ways. Many of the complaints that I hear from fellow Public Defenders in other places simply don't arise here. But I don't speak for this Agency in any way so for official answers people should contact Quinlan Steiner or Doug Moody in Anchorage. On another note, anyone who thinks that heating with wood saves money should re-think that position. Maybe I just feel that way because a log went through the window of my truck. Between the saw (repairs and chains, gas and oil), gas for the truck and just the time it takes, I am glad I have enough wood for this winter put away. Except I can't stop cutting yet. The Kenai Peninsula Borough has a personal firewood program where our house can get another 15 cords. The wood is limbed and decked and I just have to go get it. Damnit. I know what G is going to be doing if he gets back up here....


Anonymous said…
Ouch,those back windows cost more than the front windshield.
Great. Another relaxing vacation at Ben's Vacation Resort. At least there will be pork roast. There will be pork roast left, will there?
Oh come on G. At least this time you won't be (literally) breaking rocks in 110 degrees. Cutting firewood in 10 degrees with a belly full of Canadian mist will mkae you feel alive. Trust me. It will be a chance to be a man again. THEN we can shoot zombies in the face and eat pork roast. I promise you a good time.
Dan said…
I think R&R whiskey will feel better on an empty stomach while cutting wood. Speaking from experience here. Canadian mist just doesn't add to the hypothermic experience as nicely as R&R.
Sorry about the window, Ben. :-)

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