So, time to kill the pigs. I always hate this part. But there was no choice. They were the right size and I finished them on barley, corn and molasses as well as strawberries and melons that Safeway was going to throw out. It was just time. And before anyone makes a stupid comment about why I am smiling, it was a social event. Once I had actually shot the pig (the part I hate), it was not too bad. A crew came over and we got them both done. Both pigs died instantly. They lived good lives. And now their bodies will help sustain my life. The lives of my children and the families of the people in these pictures. Thank you pigs.


Anonymous said…
Pointless...wasn't that guy who beheaded somebody on a bus from Canada?
Anonymous said…
Looks good-now if you are for real about not wasting any part of that piggie, you'll make head cheese (boil all the meat off the head) and bloodsauasage(blood and meat packed into sausages). Sounds disgusting, but it's really pretty good.

Sorry Angie. Doing the best I can but I am not going that far. Everything is feeding something even if we are not eating it. continue to be a world class a-hole. But if it makes you feel any better, I actually did not do the beheading.
Anonymous said…
Ben, an assistant public defender in my part of the world got into trouble for blogging about her job. Thought this might be of interest to you.

You can read the complaint here:

I get the whole revealing the clients confidence, but she's also getting tagged for referring to a judge as "judge clueless". NOt sure if i agree with that one.

Yeah....she was doing stuff I would never, ever do here. I try to avoid work. Really I am trying to chronicle my life for my girls. That is all. Work is something I only talk about in very general terms.
Anonymous said…
The pigs look pretty big in the picture. How long had you raised them?

Nice blog btw.

I got them on April 25. They were a couple months old. So I fed them for a little less than 5 months. The big one was pushing 240 lbs and the smaller around 210 I think. Thanks.
shu said…
Yeah. Nice blog. I read it off and on from Japan.

I posted question a few months back regarding conspiracy law in Alaska.

Thanks again for your answer on that. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to ask a couple more questions about conspiracy law in California -- I noticed you used to practice there.

Actually, I was supposed to give a short talk on a famous conspiracy/double jeopardy case involving a well known murder case (well known here in Japan, that is) involving a Japanese business man who was going to be retried in California (before he killed himself in prison).

The presentation got pushed back. If you can answer a few questions, I appreciate it. If not, no problem. I understand everyone is busy.
josh said…
we need to catch up brother
I'll call you tomorrow Josh....
Montana Bob said…
Great pictures,your daughters are beautiful. We have been to Alaska 3times, I should have stayed. Have got about 6 thousand pictures on our website, but you are right, they don't do it justice. God bless...Bob

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