So, the Noatak river! Simply stunning. I am so disappointed that pictures cannot do this place justice. We went up to retrieve some supplies that had been left behind at camp. A storm came up and people had to run for it. Unfortunately when we got there we discovered that a brown bear had found the supplies first. I also learned that you do not ever say the word 'bear'. The visitors to camp had apparently continued to use this word despite being asked not to. My guides partially blamed them for the visit I think. I also learned that we were not going 'hunting' or 'fishing'. Oh no. We were 'going for a ride'. 'Messing around'. 'Looking around'. But the animals can hear you. So I helped clean camp up and we went fishing. Oops. I mean we went for a ride. It just so happens that I caught my first pike on that ride. God that was thrillingI could actually watch the pike hunt my 'mouse' or my frog underwater and then strike it. You know it was great fishing when even I caught a bunch of fish. I was told I 'wasn't doing too badly for a white guy'. So we took a ride. I am going to post more pictures than usual. This was a stunning evening and this was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. I wish pictures could capture the true spirit of this place. As usual, I will miss it. Along with my new friends. Whenever something breaks or I curse my 'luck', I will try to remember this night. This place. These people. The Noatak!


max said…
You should have posted the Really Large Version of Pictures (I know, I'm really well versed in tech lingo) that you usually post (the kind that take up the entire screen). This place deserves it.
Yeah!! Yes, yes, yes..but I can't figure out how here! I think I will keep the photos on the camera and try to get it figured out at home. This place is amazing. Makes me want to move to Kotz.
dan said…
My wife has been to Kotz so many many times for field clinic work. She loves it. I've always wanted to go but it's never worked out for me. Looks like you had a great time.
Anonymous said…

Isn't time for a 'retrospective' on your move to and time in alaska? Hasn't it been three uyears now? I was going through your sept 06 posts and damn, what an ordeal to get up there!

Was/is it worth it? would uou do it again?

best, angie
I will do such a reflection on the 3rd anniversary of my arrival.
Anonymous said…
A couple links for the Noatak

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