So, it is really, really sad. I did a trial call today and 100% of the cases were alcohol related. What makes it worse is that there is no residential treatment here in Kotzebue. The DA is taking the unfortunate position that jail is the only remaining option. I say unfortunate because I know jail will not solve a thing. It is a vicious circle that just goes around and around and around. The problem is that many of the people here drink to really drink. Like blowing a .24 at 9 in the morning. I don't have a solution. I know that Kotzebue recieves millions of dollars in grant money each year. I know that the State of Alaska and the Native Corporations have money. Why there is not a treatment facility here blows my mind. I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of the population has a severe alcohol problem. Caging them is not an answer. On the other hand, if they are committing assaults, sexual assaults and DUI when severely intoxicated, the State is not going to look the other way. It is tough. Last night I went for a walk on the beach. Found this whale vertebrae. Saw salmon hanging. The only thing that I can't understand is the amount of junk that many houses have around them. I guess it might go hand in hand with the alcohol problem that plagues this place.


What about Maniilaq? We used to send people there on occasion...
Re: junk around the house. I bet they even have a rusted out snow machine from the 1960's in their front yard or something, huh?
Ha! Just for that I am posting pics of the houses. Maniilaq is NOT residential.
That snow machine is definitely a symptom of heavy drinking!
Anonymous said…
What about Mavsigvik, or, as it's usually known, the Spud Farm? I've had client get great results there and it's long term, up to a year long.
jeremy said…
I don't understand the junk either. I think a lot of the natives get very attached to the property too, so even though it looks like (and probably is)junk to us, it may have belonged to a dead elder and the family just can't let go. Plus there isn't really anywhere to haul it off to.
Anonymous said…
I grew up in a rural community in the 'lower 48'. IN my state, the rural people believe in 'waste not want not'. YOu never know when that rusted out plow will come in handy, or the refrigerator without a door. NOt everyone is like that, but it's not unusual to see a farm or a rural home with 'junk' laying about. But yes, it makes their yard look like hell.


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