So, I went hunting last night. Borrowed a 4 wheeler. Went towards where the caribou were. But, with my luck (those of you who know me know what 'Adams' luck means) Sadie Creek was too swollen to cross. First time in years apparently. So I turned around. I found a trail that lead into the tundra and decided to take it. I had been told before I left that the 4 wheel drive was not working. To make a long story short, I got stuck. Off the road in the tundra. By myself. Not a single person in the world knew where I was. So I did something I doubt very many people have ever done. I used whale bones to try to get the 4 wheeler out. I had found a bunch of whale vertebrae down on the beach. Since there were no trees and I could not move the 4 wheeler by myself, I used the whale bones to try and shove under the 4 wheeler. It did not work. I tried for about an hour. I decided to start walking. I walked and walked and walked and saw no one. Finally, two women who were going berry picking came along. They agreed to come help me. Just as we were turning off down the trial, two guys on 4 wheelers came along. Frank and Randy. It took the 3 of us just seconds to get it free. Thanks Frank and Randy. Tonight I am going up river to help move supplies out of a fish camp.

Comments said…
if you need any help w/ anything while in kotz (rifles, handguns, knives, 4x4 atv, beer, etc) let me just a random guy that follows ur blog.
Ben, I'm surprised your boat wasn't somehow involved in this latest fiasco.
Anonymous said…
Good Job. Never leave the tundra as you found it. Your kids can come back in 30 years and follow your tracks to relive your adventures.
I thought about that...but I stuck to the trail that was already there. The problem was that I should not have....I would have avoided the area. Thanks for thinking the worst.

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