So, happiness in Alaska in September is a meat locker full of moose. I mean full. You can't see around the door. There are 3 moose in here...and no I'm not poaching. I have the shop so I'm helping to butcher. These were all shot in Kotzebue around the same time I was there. Thank God for Everts Air Cargo...a service every Alaskan should know. It is bad news for me. I am sure I am going to get some of it and I already have a full freezer and the hogs go next weekend. Quite a problem to have. Anyone need any moose meat? G? Seriously dude....let me know. Please. Anyone willing to pay for the box and the shipping can have moose. There has not been much to report lately. So, I am going to do something else. As often happens I get emails or calls from those who are considering working for the Alaska Public Defender Agency. The other day I got an excellent email, some of which I will share. I hope the writer does not mind. Like many other law students he is coming out of school with substantial student loan debt. First, let me say how absurd it is. I went to the best law school in Canada and to this day (10 years later) all three years still cost less than $15,000. So I feel for you poor bastards with $150,000 (or more) in debt. The good news is that the Agency pays well. It depends on where you go, with the Bush paying much more, but I know people start here for between $50,000 and $60,000. Although I don't think there are Loan Repayment Assistance Programs, that is a better wage than many States. I was also asked how difficult is it to "get out" in the Winter. Do communities often become completely cut off in Winter with impassible highways? No. Unless there is a storm or something. But keep in mind that there are very, very few highways in this State. You can easily travel to the Kenai or to Fairbanks from Anchorage. It is not something to worry about. My writer also asked "how accessible are amenities such as running water, internet access, or cell phone coverage outside of the major cities? How far does a person have to travel for groceries, or to get to a hardware store, or to commute to work?" It is not bad. Of course you could live in Anchorage and live like in any other big American city. But all of the smaller communities on the road system have those amenities. So does the Bush for the most part, although it may be more expensive or not as complete. For example, you can get a text message but you CANNOT send them from Kotzebue. You have to learn to live with little things like that. Good luck finding mangoes. Finally, I was asked about earthquakes and volcanoes in Alaska. In my 3 years here I have witnessed Mt. Redoubt go off a bunch and lived through a few minor Earthquakes. Not something I think about daily BUT we are in a very active area and a big one could come at any time. I don't think any of the towns that have a public defender office would be directly threatened by a volcano. Earthquakes could come at any time. But then California is due too. The bottom line though is that Alaska is different than the lower 48. Things can be more expensive and harder to come by. There are less people. Brown bears can get you in your own yard. Danger lurks in ways people down south cannot imagine. But it is also the greatest place on Earth...and the only place I would think about bringing my children up in....

Next time: As I approach my 3rd anniversary of coming to Alaska, I will reflect on life. Life in Alaska. Life in general. All of it.


Yes. I want moose. I'll give you call to arrange the details. I'd also kind of like some salmon too, if you have extra.
Justin T. said…
How much is a box and shipping for some moose meat?
Probably about $100 for 20 lbs. I just re-organized the freezer and I have more fish than I thought so I can send you some of that too G.
FishTaxi said…
I would love a pound or 2 of moose meat if you have extra.

email me at

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