So, victory! The freezer is finally full of halibut. To celebrate I cut the gill plate of the first halibut I landed and put a drop of my blood on my tongue. The boat was overdue for a load of halibut. It took a lot to get there. Not only was the boat fubar and the mechanic had to rebuild the jet after only 10 hours but I worked my ass getting it ready to go out (with thanks to Intern Scott). We dug out about 1000 pounds of water logged foam from the bottom of the boat. The smell was awful. I stuck a screwdriver in to pry some out and got a mouth full of the foulest tasting 'water' you can imagine. I took almost two pick up loads of foam and junk out of the boat. Then we had to rebuild the floor. It was a lot of work but the upside is the boat performed like a champ yesterday. The RPM's came way down and it is burning about 10 GPH. The load of halibut is a load off my shoulders. My freezers are full. I mean full. Salmon, chicken, moose, rabbit and now halibut have us well stocked. Good thing too. Yesterday night was the first night I smelled fall. The fireweed is in full bloom and it is obvious that summer is dying. Crap that went fast. The interns go home this week and it will be time to settle in for fall and winter activities.


Dan said…
Why do you even own a boat, Ben? Everytime you write about fishing it's about how much money your boat costs you or how broken it is. JUST GET A FRIEND WITH A BOAT and save some dough.
Anonymous said…
It's the getting a friend part that's the problem!

G, I know you were just being your usual asshole self, but you are right. It is hard. I know J feels lonely at times and so do I. She wants to leave and I am not sure that we shouldn't.
Anonymous said…
Come on back, Ben! Santa Rosa calls you.

j said…
I would never ask you to leave Alaska living here makes you so happy or so I thought.
There is no place quite as beautiful and I am sure it will be great for the kids as they get older.
I was suggesting perhaps a move to a different TOWN not STATE.

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