So, last night I took the girls out to the Big T lodge. Hell of a place. To get business the food items are half off so you can buy a pretty darned good prime rib dinner for less than $10. In Alaska, that is a great bargain. As you can see, the girls really tucked into their meals! Summer is winding down and it is time to get ready for the quiet time of year. I do have a few projects that I need to finish and some I need to start. I am going to help build a cabin for some property up in the Caribou Hills. We are going to build it in a shop and then trailer it up. Jesse's mom has 18 acres with amazing views so we will be able to use it all winter for snowmachining. It has been raining like mad lately and I am already starting to feel house bound. You know that things are changing when the fire at the lodge feels really, really good. Not much else to write about for now. I am going back up to Kotzebue for a week at the end of the month.


Anonymous said…
Next time you’re at the “T” ask for the Anchovies’“LAFLUER” (sic). I understand they are 100% off. P.S. how much was the water?
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Who the hell are these lunatics posting on your blog?

Anonymous said…
LAFLEUR is the owner of the”T”, he used to charge 2 bucks for water with a meal if you did not drink alcohol. The anchovy reference has to do with shoplifting the little fishies from Safeway. Ask any of the Kasilof neighbors or the what a sweetheart he is.
Anonymous said…
his buddies all seem like dicks too!
alyssa said…
nice pics..which shows the activity of child.


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