So, it begins. Fall. Went out camping on Tustumena Lake this weekend. Beautiful out there. But this little patch of color is the first sign of fall I have seen. The boat ran like a champ and we went out for a ride last night after the wind died down. It was flat calm and I easily got the boat up to 42 MPH and went around Caribou Island. Even though it is moose season and the parking lot was crowded, we hardly saw anyone. No mishaps either, except for Monica falling in. She was trying to push the boat off from shore and the water dropped off from shore to very deep instantly. She couldn't get on the boat fast enough and was hanging in the water. Thankfully it was a nice day. I have gotten so used to the boat now, and being on it with people who know it, that I failed to give good instructions on how fast to jump on. We went to the far end of the lake and saw where the glacier feeds it. Maybe my last trip for the year with Kotzebue coming up, the pigs to slaughter and the last frantic preparations before 8 months of winter settles in around us.


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