So, the hogs got out the other day. Put a hole in the fence and took off. By the time I got home they had been gone hours. To make a long story short, we found them. I wish I had had my camera. We were walking down the road. J was pushing AJ in a stroller. The dogs were running around. Kadee was getting pushed along by the pigs. The pigs were following the shaking of the grain can. I was wearing a shirt and tie and rubber boots and carrying a lasso I was using to smack the pigs when they stopped moving. And this procession went down the road. Kids, dogs and hogs. People saw...they let us pass. Sometimes I love Alaska. The weather is amazing right now. I am going camping on Tustumena Lake this weekend. I went out there last night and it was stunning. These pictures show the Kasilof River. It is the time of year where we start to get amazing sunsets, although that also means we are now getting darkness. Oh well, it is time.


crimlawman said…
I knew those hogs were going to get out.
I think we all did. Actually there was one place where the wire was just wide enough for them to get their snout in there. A 200 lb hog can't be stopped at that point.

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