So, thank you to whoever hit the calf last night. I feel sorry for him but he did not go to waste. It was the first moose I had to do all by myself and I am glad it was a small one. I have now butchered 8 moose. Remember to take the quarters off first and then the hide and THEN gut it. I am exhausted. I got the call at 1 am when I was just about asleep. I butchered until 3:30 a.m. Luckily he was just small enough for me to get home so I got to clean him with light and hot water at hand. Tonight after work the interns and I butchered him up. Maybe 25 lbs of meat. But I got a nice hide too. God my freezer is getting full.


Anonymous said…
Nice find! It's funny that you've been subsisting primarily on road kill moose. When I tell people here in Ca about that, they exhibit the vomit reflex. Little do they know.

josh said…
The applause makes it worth it:

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