So I know I said that anyone who fishes for salmon with a rod and reel is a chump or a tourist. That was before I went silver salmon fishing in Seward. Wow. Within 30 seconds of stopping the boat we had 3 salmon hooked. The salmon in these picture I actually hooked. Fought. Landed. The 7 of us must have hooked and fought 60 salmon and we almost limited out on the ones we managed to land. Silvers are so much fun to fight..they are quite the athletes. I will be back. The interns and Jesse were supposed to meet me for even more fishing and camping but 6 miles from the boat launch on the way back (at least), the boat crapped out. It is a running joke around here about how bad my luck is. How stuff always breaks. Like how I am doing this post on another computer because for some reason my computer won't start windows. Or how the dipstick came out of the Rhino on an easy ride to mailbox and dumped most of the oil out. When it comes to mechanical items I have the worst luck of any human on the planet. Those around me know that something will be working and will then just break for no apparent reason. I guess all my luck was supposed to be concentrated in one place:

P.S. AJ is growing like a weed. She cracks me up.


Justin T. said…
Ben with a fish? That's clearer proof than I've ever seen that the pictures on this blog are photoshopped.
j said…
The girls are growing so fast, no longer little babies.
When I hear K chatting away to me or see AJ walking around and best of all them giving me the big hugs it makes me think of maybe another baby. Bieng a mum is great.
That pic of AJ is priceless, she fell asleep while I rocked her and read a story to K.
When she woke I had to take a few pics, she was my little "sweaty betty" and as cute as ever.
Priceless moments.
crimlawman said…
You have the worst luck of any one human in the world.
The boat is being fixed. Next weekend we are going out if you want. Two bent impellers. $800 plus labor to fix if they can't be repaired.
Anonymous said…
Someday thy King will come...then you can talk about silvers.
We all know that the only reason you caught any fish is because Hoby "took" you where you needed to go. You can't catch a fish on your own. LOL. But, I am still happy for you. Any signs of halibut?
Anonymous said…
you look like a big homo...that is all.


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