So, dipnetting continues. I am the proxy for someone I know through work. In Alaska a person can fish or hunt for someone over 65 or who is disabled or blind. This guy is 70 and hurt his shoulder so we will get his fish too. Fine by me: I love to dipnet, even though it is a little trashy. That means, with the proper paperwork, I can catch his 35 reds too. I figure I need about another 40 fish total and that part of the food gathering will be done. I still need halibut though. I have some plans. Next weekend I am going to try and hit both Seward and Prince William Sound. A buddy who knows the area is going to take me to Pony Cove for silver salmon and rockfish.
Then the interns, Jesse and I will go out of Whittier for shrimp, halibut and rockfish. Bad ass. It looks like I may unexpectedly have my summer back so I am going to take next friday off and hopefully come home with a ton of filets and shrimp. I borrowed some shrimp pots and am excited to finally see PWS. Not only has the weather this summer been amazing but the boat is working great too. Finally. Now if only I could catch a damn halibut! This weekend I am going camping at Skilak lake so stay tuned for some pictures....that place is crazy beautiful. P.S. The Department of Revenue got Kadee's formal appeal and I entered my appearance. I requested an in person hearing in Anchorage so I will go see what the Adminsitrative law judge says. On to SCOTUS!


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