So, Kasilof River dipnetting. As I have said before, but for dipnetting and road kill, I would not take much of Alaska's bounty. A few hours of standing in the river netted 3 fish tonight. That is ok...there will be many more. Besides, the view was amazing.
Afterwards we went to the Tustumena Lodge to have a drink and enjoy the fire. The best part was that I was covered in blood. No one batted an eye. Will that be fries with that sir or a salad? At the end of the night we sat around Jesse's and had a beer. The view of Mt. Redoubt from his porch is amazing. The only thing that made me at all sad is that summer is now half over. Damnit. Well that, and I only have 3 fish. I will miss getting home at 2 am and cutting fish with interns.


josh said…
you catch this?

Crime laboratory reports may not be used against criminal defendants at trial unless the analysts responsible for creating them give testimony and subject themselves to cross-examination, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a 5-to-4 decision.
j said…
nice lodge is it ?
must be thats why your "fishing" so long !

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