So, interns. Three of the little bastards. Some think of interns as useful only for writing motions and keeping the DA's busy for the summer. While I applaud the traditional uses of interns, I have other ideas. Like getting them to split next years wood. Next tuesday we have 17 rabbits to put in the freezer. Soon there are 40 or so chickens to do. The list goes on. And to think of all those interns in places other than Kenai Alaska. Getting lunch for the boss and such. Ha! Get to work bitches!


josh said…
you keep chopping wood like that and you're going to lose your leg. Spread those legs son, it's just like when Ben makes you do that 'other' stuff. I know, trust me
Anonymous said…
Didn't hitler make his "interns do his dirty work?
Take Josh's advice: he is the 'senior' Intern.
Anonymous said…
It warms my heart to see yet another batch of lawyers and interns participating in a long tradition of manual labor at the Adams recreational compound.

You boys are in good company. Talk to me about the best way to bust up granite when it comes to it.

max said…
Do you issue Glocks to all your interns, or do they all share one?

(from the movie, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)
Yeah, everyone I know seems to get put to work on my place. Funny that. Glocks are self issuing but I have no problem arming anyone who asks.
Dan said…
All we do at the DA's office is make our interns do work. Hmmm, perhaps I should get the interns to come to the bar and buy shots of Jager for everyone?
josh said…
I did a little work when I was there . . . I mean I sat co-chair for three jury trials and a termination, and lost, let me see, oh yeah never.
Oh hell Josh, you killed chickens and did all sorts of things around here......don't act like ALL you did was work.
Anonymous said…
Barry Crimmins:
‘If you don’t love this country, why don’t you just get out of it?

The answer is simple, Because I don’t want to be victimized by its foreign policy!

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