So, I rounded out the weekend focused on food. Funny that. It seems that gathering/growing food, getting firewood or making booze consume most of the short Alaska summer for me. I took the interns clamming on Saturday. I didn't personally check the tide book so we missed most of the tide but we still got enough for a nice chowder. Plus, it was just a beautiful day. Then we came back and spent 5 hours making
sausages. Yes, yes, the jokes will be hilarious I am sure. I must say the interns are really getting into this stuff. Not only are they coming up with their own ideas but they don't mind cutting wood, killing animals, making booze and all the rest of it. I am glad they are here.


Anonymous said…
What did you do with the sausages once they were made? Did you play hid the sausage in the intern? baahahahaha lolol

I guess you will now be "G3" g. For F's sake.
Anonymous said…
Or these pussies could just sign their names
ken said…
razor clam sausage.
josh said…
Ken! I love me some clam with my sausage!!

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