So, camping up Palmer Creek Road near Hope. I never knew this place existed until yesterday but it is the most amazing place to go 'car' camping. It helps that we are having near record high weather this weekend. It is simply amazing outside. The best part of the trip was taking a walk by myself last night. I walked and walked in the midnight sun. The only sounds were the creek, songbirds and the whistle of a far off marmot. I found some old mining equipment and just really enjoyed being by myself. Truly by myself. That is something that only Alaska can provide.
In any event, now that I know that place is there I intend to take the girls and go back. I almost hate to say where I was camping because it is simply so spectacular. As usual, people will only ruin it. P.S. G, when you get here, we ARE camping here.


josh said…
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Jesus Josh...stop....why tell everyone. F man.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
ilike that part of the world so have followed your blog for a while ,you do have radical views but what strikes me is all the freedom you have going to all these places doing all this stuff ,you mentioned taking the live like a single person i enjoy taking my family of six every where i go
Anonymous said…
posing for pictures while perched on your knees...i see nothing has changed ben.

G: big talk from a man who thinks meat comes from the factory in plastic. I was carving a piece of moose. You know, moose. Do you even have anything like that in California? Come on up to Alaska if you aren't scared. I'll give you some.
Anon: thanks. Yes J is pretty darned good about letting me do stuff on the weekends in the summer.
Anonymous said…
Ben, looks like a different "g" is posting.


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