So, Kachemak Bay State Park! It was my first time over there. We camped in Halibut Cove. Going over, the seas got to about 3 feet, which was 'fun' in a skiff. I was a little nervous until I remembered that I was born on an Island. Many of my ancesters were Navy men. I have a great picture in my living room of my grandfather in a British Navy uniform where the hat says "HMS Revenge". After I remembered that picture I enjoyed the salt spray on my face. We didn't see much wildlife except a pair of mating sea otters. Otherwise it was a great trip. One of our three new summer interns came along. We will see if they can live up to Josh...big shoes to fill, my friend. On the way back today (and 6 miles from the dock), the outboard crapped out. We got it going but it made me feel a little better about my machine is infallible. I tested my boat on Sports Lake and it is almost ready to go except for one minor leak. Today is amazing, so I am going to stop typing and get outside. I will try and type again before I go home. Ah, Victoria. I am excited to be going home again. Well, Alaska is home. I mean look at this place! P.S. For those of you who know the work of Roy Henry Vickers, a Vancouver Island artist who is my absolute favorite, doesn't that first picture look like one of his paintings? video


josh said…
thanks for the big ups!

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