So, I just want to say that food production is in full swing. The greenhouse is up. All of the garden crops that need to be started instead of being directly sowed are planted. The potato patch is tilled and the ground is being heated up with clear plastic. For some reason, Alaska is the only place on earth where black plastic does not work to heat the ground. I have 17 baby rabbits that will go in the freezer in about a month. The chickens and pigs are doing great. The hens are laying about 4 or 5 eggs a day. I even got a couple turkeys for Thanksgiving. I have cut next winters wood. Now it is time to plant the garden, go after halibut and maybe even a nice spring black bear. Soon it will time to setnet and then dipnet. The pipes in the brewery finally thawed (geez it has been a long 9 months) so it is time to make a bunch of beer. Winter will be back soon. Now all I need to do is get the boat fixed and everything will seem right. The weather has been amazing for the most part. Summer is only about 20 weeks so it is already 10% over. This weekend I am going camping at Kachemak Bay State Park, one of Alaska's least visited parks (see I think that area of Alaska is one of the most beautiful in the whole state so stay tuned.


josh said…
I can't believe it's been a year, when you all coming down to south Florida?
When you get settled. This winter would sure be nice.
ken said…
I could drive over and pick you up and take you to Texas then fly out of houston, see josh and all, good time.

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