So, another great weekend here in this part of Alaska. Not as warm as last weekend but still beautiful. Or, as Kadee says, a 'nice sunny day'. We got the garden tilled and the rows made. The worms we have been feeding all winter went in too. For those of you interested in gardening in Alaska, worms are a valuable commodity here. Although there is a local population, it is small and the worms themselves appear sawed off. I had to import these red wrigglers and let them live in the house all winter. Worms do not survive the winter here, but their eggs do. There is no local supplier of worms and there are ads seeking worms all the time. I added a few thousand to this space and I hope to have a very healthy population over the next few years. In about two weeks it will be time to plant most things outside. Last year I let the garden go a bit with all the other things going on but I hope to stay on it this year. It has been busy for me outside but I love it. It is light until past 11:00 p.m. so I have been outside cleaning up, cutting next years wood and just enjoying being physically active again. Damn, winters are long here. I intend to write next time about how the assault laws are total BS in Alaska, since there is this claim that Alaska is just awash in violence. As you can imagine, the point I will try to make is that the statutes are overly broad and the small population skews results. But, for now, I have still have wood to cut. So tomorrow, while I am still fuming about the Miller case. P.S. Alyssa is still not walking much but she likes to stand there and think about it!


Anonymous said…
do you have field workers this year, or, are you going it alone?
Nah, there is help as always. Split the work and expense and split the (hopeful) rewards.

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