So, you know it is spring in this house by the chicks. Sure, there may be 2 feet of snow in the backyard. But in our spare bathroom, there are 40 meat chicks and 6 new Delaware pullets. A guy in the store today made a comment about why I would bother with all the "work". It gave me a chance to rail against factory farms. It is okay to eat meat. It is not okay to let animals suffer in life or death. I will not soil my soul with the blood of the suffering any more than necessary. The clerk got quite a chuckle. Regardless of whether I come out ahead financially (and I do by $1 or $2 a bird), it is the right thing to do. And the kids love it of course. Plus it just makes me feel good to see the vegetables coming up, see the homemade wine waiting to be bottled, see the chicks in the bathroom and the rabbits and the chickens outside. It makes me feel good to heat with wood and eat roadkill moose. Hell, isn't that why I came to Alaska? In other news, I am sad to report that my beloved Subaru died. I have had it with clunkers. For all of you who have ridden in the Subaru (aka the "Exxon Valdez" for all the oil it spilled) or the Suburban, they are gone or going. Neither was safe or good for the environment. Putting the kids in them was just not going to happen. I had to re-finance the houses to do it but I am tired of always wondering if I am going to make it work. If I break down fine. If I break down and I have the kids and it is -20F that is not fine. So I made a decision. Oh I agonized over it. I crunched numbers and figured out what I could do without. But I am buying a newer truck. I am going to pick it up on Sunday. For the people who are visiting me this summer, here she is. I mean what is another payment? I will be 40 before long and I refuse to drive a 1989 Subaru forever. Ah, hell. If the kids want to go to college they can use their Canadian citizenship.


Anonymous said…
Hey ben,

As i live in the midwest, we have plenty of those factory farms, and trust me, they cause so much environmental damage, that well water in some areas is undrinkable due to all the hog-sh*t in the ground. Having had the 'privelage' of touring a hog confinement facility, i can say that you are doing the right thing.

Are you planning on vaccianting your chicks? Disease can easily wipe out a whole flock.

Glad to see you are still hanging tough at your PD job. I'm still at mine (it will be 2 years in May, 8 years left before i get that penion). Just got a good eval, and raise Thurs. Happy Easter for me!

have a joyful Easter,

Anonymous said…

2 years in MAy, 6 years before i get that penision.
josh said…
Wish I was going to be up there this summer playing in the dirt, hacking the heads of chickens and rallying the rhino. You'll have to come to Miami this summer or fall.
Josh: So a decision has been made then? Angie I have never used medicated feed or any of that and I almost never lose even one bird. Who needs drugs? Clean food, water, sunshine and dirt are all chickens need.

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