So, there was an open house for the new courthouse in Kenai today. I got a chance to see some of the inner workings that I normally don't get to see. It was also a chance to get some pictures of where I spend my life. I thought I would share them so you can see where, well, where I spend my life. I got to pretend I was a judge, an accused as well as stand at my usual podium (I think I was pretending to argue that a third party was not necessary in this pose). Tomorrow I am taking the family to Anchorage to celebrate Kadee's third birthday a little early. Next week I am sitting second chair on a 'moose' case. The regulations surrounding moose hunting are absurdly complex, as evidenced by the number of legal hours that we have put into trying to interpret them. I'll post on Sunday with some picture of Kadee celebrating her third birthday!
P.S. Before anybody out there accuses me of being 'suicidal', I am only joking in this last picture. Although those cells are awfully depressing.


Anonymous said…
What great timing and luck for the fam to be in Anchortown.
Not this money anyways with the $1000 I had to spend on getting Visa's.

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