So, there are firm rules about living in Alaska. Like, no screwing around. Ever. Don't ever get into a 1980's "zodiac" (ahem....)with a 1980's Evinrude, neither of which has seen in water for years. Don't fail to take the right gear and have to borrow a purple poncho, which freakily was also from the 1980's. And, whatever you do, don't go to a dangerous glacier fed lake that is known for killing people. Oh, and forget safety gear. However, the chance to get out onto Tustemena Lake to look for spring black bears was just too tempting. So that is exactly what we did. And we made it too. Geez. Otherwise, not much is new. The pigs arrive next Saturday so finishing the log pig house was a priority. It is done now and we still start on the pen. Kadee loves the little house. We'll see how she likes it when I send her in to clean it out. She is just the right height.


josh said…
Looks awesome, somehow I have to think bill must have had some input. I am swamped, but let's try and talk soon!
Anonymous said…
is that the new grow house? how many drinks before making those "sane" decisions?
1. Did you see any bears?
2. Shouldn't there be some sort of fence around the pigsty (at least the front)for the pigs to walk around in, and keep the bears out?
Anonymous said…
I think that what I see is Ben's live bait bear station. Unfortunately the bear will be a sow with cubs that gets in trouble. Nice foreshadowing Bill.
Ummm, yes dumbasses. Hence the words "start on the pen". The house is done and now the pen will be built. How many drinks? What a stupid question. I can only hope that a bear comes around, at least when I am here. The only thing I like better than ham is bear ham.
rosie said…
Do you have more logs? Sounds like your next project should be a playhouse for the girls.
Now that I "know" how to do a building out of log, I was thinking exactly that. I think they would like a playhouse and it cost me next to nothing.
Megyn said…
Hello, I just found your site and have been back each day since! Thanks for the pix! I currently have MANY questions (as I'm filling out my AK Bar app) and was hoping I might contact you. I can't find your name to look you up on LinkedIn. Do you mind answering some AK legal-culture questions? What's the best way to reach you? Thnx & All the Best - MG
MG: you can write me at Or call the Kenai office of the Public Defender...if you have a lot of questions lets talk.
P.S. Note to self, Alyssa took her first step at 6:50 p.m yesterday, April 19, 2009.
Wow, congratulations to Alyssa. I feel bad for you and J. No stopping her now!
operator101 said…
Ben, you're an idiot. Wear a life vest. Seriously.
Operator we left them behind. I am being dramatic...we weren't far from shore. And next time I will. That is the point of the story. The first outing of the year involved unnecessary risk.

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