So, if you ever want to know what a stroke feels like try going to Chuck E Cheese's. Good lord. Flashing lights and screaming kids. Kadee loved it though. She got hopped up on Cherry Coke and had the time of her two year old life. Sometimes I am glad we live 2.5 hours from Anchorage....I could not handle that place more than once a year. I wasn't sure we could go for a second.....Mt. Redoubt erupted again just as we were leaving. This picture is taken just around the corner from my house. There are a bunch of super cool pictures of the multiple eruptions (that I did not take)...I will post some next time. Otherwise not much is new. Today I went and got a bunch of logs. I am building a log pig pen in my continuing effort to avoid the obscenity of eating factory meat. Bill and Jesse were helping load a log that must have weighed a hundred pounds (it is the one right behind Bill on top in the picture). Somehow Bill didn't hear the '3' as in 'drop in 1, 2, 3'. His head ended up underneath this log as we threw it. I thought he was dead. I'll give him credit...he bounced up and said "I'm ok". He lost a nickel's worth of hide off his right cheek and chin but he seems fine. I guess he ignored the statistic that says, other than Tustumena Lake, more people are killed in Alaska by logs than by any thing else. I offered him a beer for the pain but he refused. So I drank it for him to get the awful image of his head under a log out of my mind. Good work Bill! You are one thick skulled son of a bitch! Anyways, I got them all peeled and will start building as soon as this fu&^%&^*&%^ snow melts. One other thing: Alyssa stood up today for the first time all on her own. Life is about to change in this household. Kadee's little reign of terror over her sister just got more difficult.


Anonymous said…
Tell Bill to quit crying. His face looked far worse after he felt the back of my hand.

J said…
It was a great day out for all of us and K had so much fun, thanks for taking us hun.
Today she could not wait to tell my mum all about it.
"no mumma me tell nana" she said as she took the phone out of my hand this morning.
They are both very entertaining and happy little girls, who are growing so quickly !!!
Time for another baby, just joking!!!
G, I enjoyed the back of your hand much more. Ben, that log was more like 300 pounds! Another Alaskan adventure for the books!

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