So, I did it. Here is the new ride. I hope that one day these pictures will appear as quaint to my girls as the ones showing my dad in front of his 1950's Chevy or whatever it was. I mean how many times in life do you get to come home with a new truck?


Congratulations, Ben! I love it. I'm jealous, in a good way, of you and Jesse.
Anonymous said…
So I was listening to NPR this morning about the sham trial of a news reporter/spy going on in Iran right now. Iran is being criticized about holding a secret trial on dubious charges with serious consequences. Those barbarians!

That's nothing at all like the kind of "justice" 'Merica has metted out against our enemies, foreign and domestic. We, at least, have the courtesy to first, without process, abduct them, hold them in a nonextraditable penal colony, detain them for years, subject them to torture, AND THEN hold the sham trial. We are a far better people.

Gee, I wonder if our protests hold any sway in the international community?
Well hopefully that type of conduct is behind the United States. I often felt like I was going insane under Bush...I mean what was wrong with this country and why didn't people hear my screams? Torture? Extraordinary rendition? Secret trials? Detaining citizens for years without basic rights? I mean WTF?

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