So, all I can say is that an Alaskan spring is for muddin'.


Anonymous said…
What for you be muddin'?
josh said…
Look slike you and Andy had fun!
Anonymous said…

I think I must be getting old and crotchety.

I think I must be getting old and crotchety. I know am getting old that’s for sure, and it may just be someone like me that is bothered by something like this but bothered I am, in-fact, I am down right upset.
What’s bothering me is the way, every spring, people tear up and ruin our roadsides with their four wheel activities. The way they feel it is their god-given right to grind, and speed and slip and slide and dig mud trenches all along our highways with their four wheeler mudding parties.
Take the Kalifornsky Beach Road as an example. It wasn’t long ago that the new widening and paving project was completed with thousands of dollars spent on seeding grass on both sides of the roadway. Most will agree the grass was a great addition and added some roadside beauty for all.
But then came all the kids, their “couldn’t care less parents” and other adults, who could hardly wait until the months of April and May to get on their four wheelers and go mudding to create huge mud bogs in large areas of the roadside. What a disaster! What a mess!
And the worst part is they are eager to do it again and again year after year, until now, huge sections of our beautiful grassy roadsides, something of which most of us were proud, are in total ruin. Huge areas of mud bogs, ground to deep muddy trails from four wheel vehicles, that then dry to unsightly, no grass, dirt areas each summer, riddled with all those left over mud trenches.
It’s especially sad for those adjacent land and store owners who fertilize and mow what grass is left, mow it all summer long for roadside beauty. They now face the devastation created by the onslaught of four wheeling maniacs who have no sense of conscience and the devastation they create.
State law says that no four wheel vehicle can ever be used on the bike trails along one side of our highways. Maybe, now its time for regulations prohibiting the riding of any four wheel vehicle within fifty yards of any state highway during the months of April and May, with mandatory fines up to $500.
But then again, no one probably really cares about the way four wheeling kids, their “couldn’t care less parents” and other adults are ruining our roadsides. It’s just this one guy who is just old and crotchety. Oh Well!
Think About It! JCD 5-6-09
Perhaps some areas set aside for 4wheeling? This video was shot in a gravel pit where it did not destroy anything. In other words, no grass was harmed in teh filming of this video.

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