So, we are all sick. Sucks. It was 'just' a cold but it knocked us all down. To make matters worse I was in trial all week. Trial can be stressful enough but being sick really, really sucked. I beat the Assault 2 but lost on an Assault 3. I am very excited about the appeal. The details will bore anyone but an Alaska criminal lawyer but the State alleged this guy had used a fish bonker to crack open some guys skull. The problem is that the jury rejected that and found he only used his hands. Hands can only be a "dangerous instrument" in limited circumstances, which are not present. So we'll see. We have had a string of victories lately in our office. I suspect the DA's have stopped screening their cases very carefully. There is NO excuse for a DA to lose a trial. None. Especially when we are making reasonable counter-offers. Oh well. We will just keep doing trials and winning. Today we were feeling good enough for Kadee and I go down the road and get a load of horse manure for the garden. The dogs startled this moose that is in the picture behind Kadee. Stupid dogs. I am amazed they are still alive. It is almost time to start arming myself every time I go out. A few bears have been seen already. And the moose cows are heavy with calf. Authorities say that moose are more dangerous right now than bears and Kadee and I were startled by a moose the other day. Luckily the dogs got involved and got it distracted. I would rather the moose kill the dogs than come after us. But, in any event, it is almost time to get the .44 out again. I'm sure I'll never need it but it was a close call the other day. No point in taking chances. God I love Alaska.
Nothing else is new. Kadee is enjoying the "big chickens in the chicken house" as she calls them. Alyssa is a crawling machine and figured out how to pull herself up on furniture this week. By the time the snow goes she will be ready to run around outside. P.S. Don't forget to change your clocks!


Anonymous said…
Looks like the Rhino got a windshield. K
Yeah it is one that comes on and off in seconds and was only $35 instead of a couple hundred for a plexiglass one. Makes a HUGE difference.

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