So this old gal wanted the hay that I am feeding the rabbits. Luckily she just didn't kick open the glass door and help herself. For scale the step ladder in the background is a 6 foot ladder. Even her hind quarters covered it! She just stepped over the 4 foot fence like it was nothing. Why is it that a moose like this killed my beloved Gromit while the little shi%s we have now can harass her and get off scot free? Despite the fact that was -10F when I went to work this morning, I brought the Rhino out yesterday. Kadee loves to drive. Everytime I grab the wheel to avoid a collision she grabs my arm and pulls it away. God she makes me laugh. I can't imagine raising these kids any other place. Talking about laughing, J unburied this car from the snow yesterday. Have you ever seen a more pure expression of joy?


The moose coming into your fence is hilarious! I love it. And the girls, too cute. You are a very lucky man in a lot of ways.

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