So, in preparation for my trip to Victoria on May 21 (which I am incredibly excited about), I decided to join Facebook to look some people up. I'm going to admit it felt a little strange at first. But I am really, really glad I did. I found people that I haven't spoken to in years. Some I never thought I would get to speak to again. There were even people who I had left things unsaid with who I got to 'speak' to. My blog is linked and suddenly people who I haven't seen since high school can see my life. Most are interested to see I have two daughters. Interestingly, most don't ask why I am in Alaska. I guess I have always been an 'Alaskan'. I am writing this to actually encourage you to join. It was interesting to see people who I haven't seen in 10 or more years. You people have gotten old! I was struck by the bald spots, until I realized that mine is getting larger by the day too. So many lives in so many directions. Very, very cool. Otherwise nothing much is new with me. I got a breeding trio of rabbits today. One person asked me today how I could eat rabbit. My answer is simple: in Alaska almost all our food has to be trucked or flown in. I mean how much CO2 does it take to eat a banana? Or a piece of meat? Anything I can do to be more self-sufficient is a good idea. Besides rabbit is damn good eating. Kadee is already in love (wait until there are babies in about 31 days!) and insists on standing on her ladder to look. With her little rubber boots and pajamas on she always makes me smile. Talking about a smile, Alyssa is amazing. She smiles more easily than any human I have ever met. She is so different than Kadee. Kadee is more like me (and J for that matter). High strung. Emotional. Alyssa has this laid back attitude that never ceases to amaze me. She is unflappable. Where the hell did that come from? Wait a minute....Josh was visiting this summer. He was unflappable. Huh. Kidding Josh. Congrats on your new job in Miami by the way.


josh said…
thanks for the ups . . . careful what you put on facebook
Yeah I heard your story....incredible! Did you delete your profile?
Anonymous said…
It is way cooler to be "underground" and getting left alone than on facebook. If I want people up in my grill, they'll know how to reach me.
Umm, yeah but having this blog takes me out of hte "underground". Since my life is on display here, having a facebook profile will hardly make it 'worse'. And now people I haven't spoken to in many many years know where I am.

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