So, I am back. I (literally) made a run to the border. No the new TN visa. We are good until March 2012. I am glad too...the stress of these trips cannot be good for me. It was a fun trip. We made it to the border yesterday. We were going to push on but the roads were about to turn icy so we stayed in Tok overnight.Had a fun time at the bar. It was a typical small town bar...within a few minutes we seemed to know everyone. It helped that we ran into another public defender who was from Tok. This morning we went to a dog sled race. All in all it was fun but I am glad to be home. It is snowing furously outside and all the melting we have had in the last few weeks is gone. If I was ever to leave Alaska it would be because of April. I mean really? Really? A new three inches of snow?

P.S. Upon request I removed the photo of me drinking out of a water bottle. Apparently some felt that I was drinking and driving. Ummm, no. It was meant as a joke but apparently there are wayyy to many stuck up people out there. This State has really gone to shit. So there you go.


josh said…
That's gotta take the stress off - hopefully that's the last time you'll have to make a run for the border that doesn't involve tequila and . . .

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