So, let me tell you something incredibly stupid about practicing law in Alaska. Some clown in the Department of Law has to approve certain plea bargains. I had a DA go to this clown and ask to reduce a very, very serious case of mine. Lots of reasons for that request that I can't get into obviously. The Department of Law clown said 'no'. Now my client is looking at 20 years minimum for a bullcrap charge. Some of Alaska's sentencing laws are total BS, which I will write more about. Tomorrow I am going in to file a half dozen motions I have been sitting on. This is total BS. I may lose but this is going to be total war. Can you tell I'm agitated?


Anonymous said…
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j said…
K had a great time at school today.
She was excited to see me and her sister, when i picked her up and wanted to show us around her classroom.
K could not wait to tell her nana all about her day and what she did.
Our little girl is growing up its very exciting but pretty scary too!!!
Anonymous said…
sounds like a "bullcrap" sex assault. Another victimless crime I suppose. Good to see you working and playing well with others.
That is the goal of every defense lawyer: work and play well with others, especially when our clients are either innocent OR grossly overcharged. Once again, you have shown me the error of my ways. How could I be so foolish as to think that a defense lawyer is supposed to be a zealous advocate! Good God. The REAL goal is to be nice. Wow. Thanks so much. Really Anon, I owe you a real debt of gratitude. How refreshing it is to have someone so intelligent leave an anonymous comment on my blog. Really. Wow.
Anonymous said…
I'm just saying that you don't have to assume that the other person is a "clown" because they are doing their job just like how you rail about being a zealous advocate for your clients!

You don't see the hypocrisy? Really? Not even a little bit?
Anonymous said…
Some dip shit was pimping me other day at work. I felt my angry BEN inside and told him to "suck my balls." Thanks for the inspiration! JH
The other person is a 'clown' because they vetoed a plea agreement without 1. speaking to me, 2. speaking to the alleged victim, 3. reading or reviewing ANY of the discovery. DA's are not defense lawyers. The policy is stupid.
Besides how many F'ing times do I have to tell you? I am NOT trying to be fair and balanced. This blog is about my views. F man. I don't force you to read it. If you are looking for something balanced, go find it!
fishyme said…
AGGGG, You might be leaving? I don't get online much, living off the grid as I do. Found your blog last month and have been thinking I'd like to talk with you. I'm stagnant in my thinking on a problem and need to get fresh input. Had thought to offer you a cup of coffee in person but thought it best to start here, even though my biweekly shopping is at Freddy's and IGA. If you have a favorite place for your coffee I would like to buy you one if you'd be interested in meeting. Good luck with your TN, hope Kadee got her dividend [first blog I read], don't want to leave my number here but will check for your next blog before going back to off the grid in the next couple of days. You should be on the road as I type this so if I don't see an update I'll call the office and ask for the Canadian guy. Hope you'll say yes cause I'm stuck in the mud. Thank you
Fishyme just call and ask for Ben.
fishyme said…
Thanks Ben, I'm Don

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