So, Jesse and I went out to Nurses cabin last night. It is my goal to visit every cabin the National Wildlife Refuge. We got to tool around Tustumena lake too. I'll tell you this much: my machine scares me. I don't pretend to be some hot-dogger when it comes to these things. That 800 can move! I was going across lake ice and got too scared to go above about 85 MPH. I know the machine tops out at 126 MPH but I can't imagine going that fast. Tustumena lake is so cool. There was just nobody out there but us and the wolves. We were not lucky enough to see one but their tracks were everywhere. I can only imagine how big they were based on the tracks.
Anyhow am now back home and cleaning all the equipment. It got so warm it rained last night. My bag is waterproof but Jesse was driving like a maniac and it fell off the sled. The snow is melting and it looks like break-up out there. video


J said…
I got to say I was a little jealous seeing B getting ready for his overnight camp and snow machine fun.
But hopefully soon we can all go.
Soon enough we all will. I am going to get a Kitty kat for the girls.
Anonymous said…
Any thing that was fun for kids under 12 are now banned, kitty kats included. This means parts to fix the ones that were already sold
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Hiya, my name is Sarah, a 3L in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here's the deal, I heard the other day that Alaska was hiring PDs which piqued my interest. Minnesota is in hiring freeze mode, and in fact, laid-off over 200 PDs statewide last year. I have a theory that there is such a crisis of lack of representation that hiring will resume sometime soon. Certain counties are conducting TPR hearings without representation for Christ's sake! Anyway, I have lots of theories. For instance, I hear they just pass out money when you cross the border into Alaska, see Simpson's Movie, and the bulk of the population is addicted to meth, see Sarah Palin coverage. Hell, maybe I could be Governor! How do you like practicing in Alaska? Is it defendant friendly? How's your case load? Good support staff, investigators? You seem keen on the outdoors, which Alaska offers in bounty, but what about cultural qualities? Who do white Alaskans hate on, their bete noir? Natives? What is it like for female professionals? Is there entrenched sexism? Thank you in advance for any response you can muster.
Sarah: if you leave me your email address in a comment I will answer to that (and then delete the email address immediately). Or, you can call me at work. That way I can answer your questions in a more private setting.
Anonymous said…
Right then, contact me at xxxxxx
Call you at work??!?!??! Criminy, all the way in Alaska, sounds incomprehensible. I like the "Don't Tread On Me" flag, somebody just brought that up in class the other day... somehow reminds me of the modern day phrase "No Fear". I should like a flag that says, " Some Fear, Tread On Me Lightly", heh.

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