So, I made another brilliant financial move. I have this little rental house. The renters fell behind. So they traded me a 2002 Arctic Cat ZR800snowmachine for some rent. I felt like Steve Martin in Planes Trains and Automobiles (one of the best movies ever). I don't have $42.50 but I have $17 and a hell of a nice watch. I convinced Jesse to go get a sled too and he bought one this week. We just couldn't take it anymore. As he put it, "everytime I hear a snowmachine it feels like someone is shitting in my ear". Well said. Winters are long here. So I added another financial drain. But. But. It is super fun. Today Jesse and I went to Tustumena Lake. Tomorrow we are going to spend the night in Nurses Cabin (pictured here). The advice I would give to anyone who might want to move to Alaska is to have the money for a few of the toys. Or be prepared to borrow. Perhaps if some of my friends who came up hadn't minded handing over their pay checks to the bank they would not have had to flee back to Texas or California to escape the winter. Ahem. Damn you G. Otherwise you will just sit around and go crazy. I think the most amazing thing I saw today was running water. Yes, for most of you running water is no big deal. But for me it means so much. Having my garden. Getting chickens, boating, fishing, set netting with Bennie and so much more. 6 more weeks of winter! Well. Actually now that I have the snowmachine it is not so urgent. I'll post Monday after we get back from some winter camping.


Anonymous said…
Great looking sleds. Maybe start an "Iron Puppies" race for newby sno-goers.
Ken said…
Land is as good a reason to stay as toys. Especially paid for "cash" land.
josh said…
I've never come closer to death than I have with the help of a sled. And it think you know, that's saying a lot. Be careful and know your slide risks.
I'll be I just said this machine scares me.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why you insist that I left because I didn't own a Rhino or a boat, penis head. I lived in a basement've been there...where was I supposed to put it? On the landlord's deck? My downfall was the lack of like-minded individuals who enjoy shooting guns and freedom, not the lack of toys. Instead, there was Juicy and puffy vests. You tell me, Chuck.
Ken paid for land doesn't keep you around. You are living in Texas and I am here. Granted that was because the wife couldn't take it anymore. But having something to do every day is a lot different than having land across the Inlet you get to once a year.

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