So, I keep hoping to wish Spring into existence. Yesterday I picked up 6 laying hens and this morning I converted my shed into a chicken house. Kadee got to pick up the first egg. I even went and bought a couple of flourescent lights to start seeds under. Alas no. The yard continues to look like this.
As it is this Spring is going to be crazy for me. I start a trial this Monday. Last week I was assigned the second chair position on a cold case murder from 1982. That trial starts March 31 and is scheduled for a month. It is currently set in Seward, which could mean a month away from home if the venue is not changed. Fascinating case. I sometimes wish I could talk about my work more. I also have a serious sex assault case that looks like it will need to be tried. Both of those cases are almost full time jobs in and of themselves. I am also going back to Victoria for a few days this Spring. The kids are growing up too fast. Alyssa stood up for the first time last Sunday and is now crawling like a madman. Kadee started going to daycare 2 days a week for the socialization. Or, as she puts it to "play with uder kids". Plus, of course, there will be the usual chickens, gardens, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. I am also going to try to build a place for pigs and get a couple of weaner pigs. I have been reading lately in books such as the 'Omnivores Dilemma' and 'Vegetable, Animal Miracle' about how destructive modern farming is. The amount of fossil fuels it takes to bring our food to us is staggering. That is inevitable in Alaska if I want to eat anything but salmon or moose. But I have really started to think about the carbon footprint of our food. And of course I have always been adamantly opposed to factory farming and I want to get back to buying no meat. None. Ever. If I kill it (or a car, in the case of all the delicious moose that I get), it will be fair game. I will raise chickens again, get a few hogs and try to find some local beef. Dip netting is coming up, as is the time of year for halibut and clams. Alas, for now it just snowy outside. Melt damn you.


ken said…
At least you now have light. The light always precedes the warmth by a few months.
Yeah but the light is not melting the snow!
Anonymous said…

Insert Sno-go or Rhino and you got it made.

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.” Daniel Boone
I DO have it made. No question. At all. What may seem like bitching is a pretty understandable thing up here....winter gets old after 6 months. And there is another month or 6 weeks.
fdr said…
Michael Pollan rocks! I was hoping Obama would appoint him to be the Secretary of Agriculture, but alas.... You would also enjoy Wendell Berry.....

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