So, this video says it all. The water is gone before it hits the ground. It was cold shooting that video...I just stepped out. Right now there are three cars in the yard that won't start. Even the starting fluid that is supposed to help is too cold to come out of the can. A brand new tire popped. Everything is creaking and groaning with the cold. It is even colder in the Interior but the proximity of the ocean keeps Kenai and Soldotna a little warmer. To be honest, -32 is cold enough and this has gone on long is starting to cost me money. Another week or so and it should warm up. I hope it gets warmer before I go to DC....I don't want to leave the girls in this cold.



josh said…
the water turned to snow so fast you can't see the video
It is a little dark but it is super cool in real life.
josh said…
see you soon bro!
Anonymous said…
Now you can make frozen bubbles.
cnicho said…
I wanted to let you know your blog made it into this story on Billy Moon in the Auburn Journal.
If you don't know about the case you can read about it at
Here's the link:


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