So, this cold streak continues. I remember reading somewhere before I moved to Kenai that the average is 12 in the winter. Not now. I left the house to cut wood at -30 this morning. It is supposed to be -40 or colder tonight. That is cold. You can't really tell from this photo but this vodka is frozen solid (click on it to look). I left it outside to "chill". Next time I checked it was ice. I have never seen that before. Tonight I am going to try and get a video of throwing water and watching it turn to snow and mist before it hits the ground. Even though it was -30, I was too hot to wear a hat when chopping wood. I find that a neck gaiter will keep my ears warm but let me sweat. I love the frozen hair!
I think that I don't feel the cold like some do. For example, I never weat a coat to court. Yesterday it was -27 and I walked over without a coat. The security guard told me she thinks I have "superhuman powers". Nah. But it gives me an excuse to shout "I am Canadian" at an annoying high volume! That is not to say I never get cold but I just don't find -30 too cold to do things in. Besides this weather will be gone in a week or so. I'm sure the windows will appreciate the warming trend. Click on that photo to see just how much ice is now on our windows. The bottom three picures are the view from our front yard (looking past the boat motor and then the butcher shop) and our backyard respectively. The cold just makes everything more beautiful. Stay warm tonight fellow will be the coldest night so far this year.


Anonymous said…
COOL......don't drink the high test at -30, 151 proof stays liquid and can kill. This cold might stay a little longer. Gonna take a big Low to change the big High.
I'm not drinking that vodka unitl it warms up. A lot of tea is being drank right now.

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