So, it has finally warmed up. When it goes from -30 (or more) for a few weeks to -6 (like it is right now) it feels downright balmy. Thankfully I got the Subaru going too. That $750 car has never left me stranded before but she just couldn't handle -34. The fuel lines froze. Even the old Suburban fired up in this nice new weather. Thank God we weren't in Tok where it was reported to be -78 F! If I had a garage or newer vehicles I would not mind the cold so much. This will probably be my last last blog entry until January 22 (unless I can find a way to blog down there). Jesse and I are going to Washington DC to see the inauguration of our new President. Hopefully it is a whole new era of peace and prosperity. I hope to take a bunch of great pictures. When the girls get older I will definitely be taking the whole family to DC. Stay warm Alaskans. See you soon.


Anonymous said…
hey you!! ill bet you dont know who this is! hope you and your family are well! looks cold up there! shure would be good to see ya all!
Anonymous said…
ps its your best welder you should phone! marry xmas and newyear!
Anonymous said…
Have a great time in DC! Wish I was coming!

Lloyd!!!!! Do you still have the same number?? I'm hoping to come to Victoria this spring, if you are still there.

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