So, winter has settled in. We got a lot of snow on Christmas Day. And it has gotten cold. I was outside today working on the Suburban and it was -10. The sun has just started to go down and it already -14. For my Canadian readers that is -25 C. You know what is weird? I went out this morning in sneakers and not wearing gloves. Andy is Outside and I went to check on his house. I shoveled the worst of his driveway for him. My hands were freezing. But I stayed outside for a big part of the day. Wearing sneakers and no gloves. By the time I came in I was not cold. Not my hands or feet. I once read that there is a photo of explorers in the South Pole shoveling snow with their shirts off in -10 F weather! I believe it....people really do adjust. I am sure it will be -20 or more tonight. Time to get the firewood in. There are times I am annoyed by this weather. Like this weekend it took 2 days to change the muffler on the Suburban. I kept dropping parts. My hands holding the muffler were so cold I could NOT feel them and I had to run into the house. I was annoyed laying under a truck in -10 weather. I won't lie. But then I look down my street and see this. As I have said before: thank GOD for this weather. Otherwise this place would be just like California. And even though it becomes more like that sh&^hole everyday, I can only hope that it retains even a small part of the way it is so my girls can appreciate Alaska as much as I do.


mominsanity said…
I have been lurking for a little bit and I have to say that I love the pictures that you post on your site. They're very, very beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, buddy!

It is easy to take great pics when you live in such a place. G: you should be glad you ain't here. -20right now and -30 in Fairbanks.

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