So, the State has denied Kadee's PFD. I had hoped they would be smart. But this way will be way more fun. First, I will exhaust my administrative appeals. Then, to paraphrase a line from my favorite movie (Braveheart), I charge. Fools. I have bled in court for murderers. I have defended junkies, hookers, child molesters, dealers and drunks. For my own child, it will be total war. I have a lot of lawyers who are going to help too. I know at least a dozen who are going to volunteer. Ken, you may get that quill from the Supreme Court yet! The State's main argument is that they can impute a temporary intent to stay in the United States onto an American citizen! Can you imagine that? Jose Padilla was bad enough but now the State of Alaska wants to say that only some citizens are citizens. The nobles will negotiate. If not, we charge. Just as good. Life is normal around here. It has been cold. This weekend I focused on getting firewood and a Christmas tree. Threw in a little rabbit hunting. G, you will be glad to know I shot nothing. But I found some wicked areas to set up snares and I will be doing that soon. Every day I am thankful for where I am. Time to go eat a moose roast and enjoy the fire.


operator101 said…
Who's organizing this PFD thing? I'll gladly help your little daughter get her PFD. You need proofreader for briefs? Someone to hold a sign outside the Supreme Court? Hell, they're across the street from my office. Until recently I looked directly into 3 of the justices' chambers from my office window. I'll have to stop at crouching behind barricades, throwing rocks or stones, unfortunately. That would be a LOT OF FUN though.
I'll send you the brief. A local civl lawyer is going to argue and a bunch of us are going to do the research. I'll post a copy of the denial letter so you can see it. I have to exhaust the administrative appeals first. Then into superior court. I wonder if the local judges will recuse themselves? I'll keep you updated.

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