So, Merry Christmas. As usual, the family spoiled the kids. Kadee just stopped being interested at one point: there was simply too much. We are having a quiet day at home. It is snowing like crazy outside and Kadee and I enjoyed a sled ride. We are going for a Rhino ride after we all get dressed. I hope that everyone who reads this is safe and happy today.


K said…
As anticipated the "US" suks compared to home in Alaska. I have now been to every state in the union.

Today is Christmas, I am in Texas, I am sweating, and it is 76 degrees and high humidity. Familiar, but glad I have land in Alaska to return to, which I will.

I knew it would be this way, but sacrificed to keep family together. Yeah the cold and dark can get old, but compared to all of the negatives here like cars, traffic, etc. Alaska is pretty damn good.

Oh well, maybe I can swing a multistate practice like some other lawyers do.

To alaskans - appreciate what you have.

- the contributor formerly known as ALASKAN MADMAN
Anonymous said…
well at least you have a great family to share christmas with alot of us are on our own .and wish we had family to share with
Well as Chris Rock says, "married and bored or single and lonely". I don't think Ken was bitching at all....but leaving Alaska must feel like having a limb pulled off.

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